Vincenzo Fogliano

0 Plenary Lecture Prof. Vincenzo Fogliano – Wageningen, University of Naples “Federico II” “Innovative strategies for healthy foods design” 15.10-15.30 Invited Communication Dr. Marinella Trovato – SISTE “Botanicals regulation in Europe: ingredients and claims” 15.30-16.30 Oral Communications Carmen Lammi – University of Milan “Investigation of the hypocholesterolemic mechanism of action of soy and lupin peptides” Luisa Mattoli – Aboca ” Tools for Evaluation of Molecular complexes: Metabolomic Fingerprint and Quantitative Determinations” Mario Tredici – University of Florence “Microalgae: can they contribute to a more sustainable future” 16.30-17.00 Coffee Break 17.00-18.30 ROUND TABLE “Botanicals, nutraceuticals and health clai

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